Electrical systems for every need
We provide our experience in constructing adequate
residential, industrial and public administration electrical systems.


We offer energy solutions, from the planning to the carrying out, and satisfy every need of our customers. We install residential and industrial electrical systems, as well as for the public administration.

Residential electrical systems

Since 1975, operating in the sector of residential electrical plant engineering, we have carried out systems for apartments, theatres, hospitals, accommodation facilities for the disabled, and other kinds of private facilities.

The constant updating as for new systems of instalment and management, such as recent domotics, with a structured wiring, anti-intrusion and fire-detection systems, has played a fundamental role to acquire experience and skills, thanks to numerous refresher courses, both from a regulatory and from a technological point of view. Over the past years, this has led us to face constantly new solutions, so that the systems we project can be as adaptable as possible in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers, without neglecting the correct technical functioning.

Industrial electrical systems

Thanks to the experience and skill acquired, we are specialized in the industrial sector as well, by starting with the carrying out of metal frames for MT/LT substations and LT distribution boards, so in their wiring and in situ installation.

We have dealt with the realization of systems for several factories, among them: food industries and other kinds. We have always paid attention to technology and innovation, by introducing fire-detection and anti-intrusion systems, data transmission wires, and, last but not least, the most recent alternative energy sources in factories.

La Fortuna Theatre, Fano (PU)

Electrical systems for the Public Administration

Always present in the domestic and international market, we pay a great attention to the achievement of the certifications necessary to carry out both public and private tenders. For 35 years now, we have been participating in 3 or 4 public tenders a week on average, as we can rely on some highly-organized staff.

impianti elettrici per amministrazioni pubbliche

Adriatic Arena - Pesaro (PU)

Our sector is constantly developing and such development requires more and more skill to better meet the requirements of our customers, by providing customized and increasingly cutting-edge systems.

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